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Custom Cutting to Your Specifications

AZ Metals caters to customers who have a need for small quantities of metal or larger production quantity orders. We are happy to work with you and provide a great resource for fabricators, maintenance departments, machine shops, and anyone requiring metal. Large companies often sell by the truckload and do not wish to sell smaller amounts of material—this is where we come in.

Our metal supply company carries all prime metals in all shapes and, for your convenience, we custom cut to your exact size specifications.

Metal Sheets H-12 Saw Cut Pipes

Custom Metal Cutting Capabilities and Services:

  • Cincinnati 1810 Shear — Ability to shear 26 GA through 1/4" up to 10' lengths.
  • HYDMECH S-20 Saw — Capable of up to 13" diameter/18" width
  • Tube rolling (check for size specifications.)
  • Welding —  MIG, TIG and ARC welding in house (Please note we do not do installs. $80 MIG & $100 TIG with half hour minimum) *See April Coupon!
  • Plasma cutting 
  • Hole Punching — Up to 1 1/16" (1.062) and up to 5/8" (.625) thick carbon steel plate.
  • Box and Pan Brake/Finger Brake — Up to 14 gauge, 4' wide
  • Notching
  • Grinding
  • Wysong Shear — Ability to shear 12 GA 52" wide.
  • HYDMECH H-12A Saw — High-production capacity of 12" square or round material. The cutting capability of (+/- .015") up to 22" in length by way of a single-stroke indexing automatic feed, or we can do (+/- .030") for longer lengths by use of a hydraulic feed.
  • Iron Worker — Bend up to 1/4" thick and 10" wide. 
  • Baileigh Electromagnetic Box and Pan Brake — 16 gauge up to 96" length steel and 20 gauge stainless capacity. Can bend at almost any depth with bends up to 180 degrees. 6-ton clamping pressure.

Please Note

There are no refunds on items cut to size. All full-length returns are charged a 25% restocking fee. In addition, processing charges must be paid in full prior to providing services. A $25 processing fee applies on all returned checks.